The Evolution Of Gambling In South Africa

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by Joanna Bruce
| 19/01/2021
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Gambling was limited in South Africa until the late 1600s. After a few years, all forms of casino gaming were barred excluding horse betting. Nevertheless, the restrictions didn’t last for a long time as several casinos came up in many places in South Africa in and around 1970. The casinos were opened in the homeland locations and were only accessible by the native people residing in these locations.

Despite only a few native people accessing the casinos, gambling has become quite popular in just a short span. There was a boom in the gambling industry within a few decades and a large number of casinos were built by 1995.

Even though there were more than two thousand casinos during that time, they were very basic with a room and a few slot machines. Things started getting complicated and the authorities asked the casinos to get the license for legal and safe play. This was around 1995 in South Africa.

Gambling In South Africa In The 1990s

It was around 1995, that gambling took another turn in South Africa. Because of the need for a valid casino license, several casinos were closed. This happened because of the expenses linked with getting a license for the legal working of the casino and adhering to the mentioned guidelines. Besides, there was a tough competition between the casinos, which was difficult to handle by most of the casino owners.

At present, there are several legal and safe land-based casinos in South Africa and they are usually located in urban locations to offer easy access to the players. You will find many such casinos in several parts of South Africa. These casinos differ in their sizes, look, and features that they offer to the players.

The best casinos of the country are resorts that are managed by the reputed industrials such as the Caesars and Sun International. There are casinos for players with a budget as well that are not very expensive. Regardless of the type of venue you want to play games, you will have a lot of choices in South Africa.

South African Are Passionate Casino Enthusiasts

The survey done in 2006 confirmed that the majority of players prefer casino gaming and they like to place real money bets. A large number of people were found to have a preference for participating in the National Lottery.

Other types of casino games that are popular with South Africans are slot machines, scratch cards, and horse race betting. According to the survey, there were only a handful of people who never gambled and the rest were found to be interested in one or more forms of gambling.

You will be amazed by the amount the players had spent on gambling. The National Gambling Board gathers more than R10 billion as revenue annually. The large portions of these generated revenues come from casino gambling. These findings confirm that casino gaming is the most prevalent type of gaming in South Africa.

The Advent Of Online Casinos 

The Internet has made it easy for casino players to enjoy gambling at leisure. Because of the popularity of online casinos, several casino owners have come up with legal and licensed online casinos for players who prefer playing online.

Considering the number of players involving in online casino gaming, the Government has relaxed the rules because they understand that this might cause the providers and the players to commit cheating or fraud. Also, there are a large number of players who participate in casino gaming and it is not easier to accuse everyone who plays.

No wonder, online casinos have their advantages and this is why the majority of players prefer this option to play casino games. First, they are safe and legal to play. They also offer rewarding bonuses and a great collection of games to players. They can choose to play slot machines, enjoy table games, or experience the fun of playing live dealer games, without even stepping out of the cosiness of their homes.

People with a hectic schedule can also manage to play games while they are on the go as the casino is available to play on smart devices like mobiles and tablets. The casino includes a variety of games on one platform; thus making it easier for the players to enjoy a plethora of titles.

The Emerging Face Of Online Casinos

Gambling has its evidence in the past and people are gambling for decades. The emergence of online casinos has offered an easy venue for gamers.

Players who are unable to visit the land-based casino can always start their gaming journey at online casinos. These casinos are not only safe and legal but offer a variety of rewarding promotions to players. If you don’t want to start with real money gaming, you can begin playing the online games in a demo mode.

When you play in demo mode, you can practice the strategies and experience gaming before playing it for real money. You will find several reputed online casinos in South Africa that offer the players to play in demo mode as well as real mode.

The Changing Rules Of Gambling In South Africa

Irrespective of all the modifications done over the last few decades, it can be concluded that South African people enjoy casino games. They also adapt well to the modifications of the casino world and have therefore embraced online casino gaming too.

Keep in mind though that the rules and regulations of the South African gambling laws are always changing so you must keep yourself informed before indulging in any type of gambling.

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