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Online Basketball Betting In South Africa

by George Abebe
| 07/04/2023

Punters love to wager on basketball games and with the rise in popularity and competitive leagues across Africa, sports betting sites in South Africa are now offering us the chance to place bets on those games.

This increases our opportunities of beating the bookie and winning money when betting on basketball online. 

We are going to help you navigate through the different competitions taking place across Africa and around the world, how to bet on them including the different markets we recommend, and we will also be giving you a few tips on how to be successful.

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World Competitions For Basketball Betting

The biggest (and best) basketball competition is of course the National Basketball Association (NBA) in America. When compared to other leagues in online sports betting around the world, this league attracts the most attention and the most money from punters.

Basketball Betting Sites In SAHowever, there are local leagues across the African Nations that local sportsbooks are likely to offer markets on. Below we will discuss two competitions that you should keep an eye on throughout the year.

Basketball Africa League (BAL)

The BAL was founded in 2019 by a joint effort between the NBA and the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). It is the continent's premier tournament involving 12 teams from across Africa. Each team qualifies for the tournament through their own domestic leagues.

The Jozi Nuggets from South Africa were part of the pre-qualification for the inaugural season of the BAL, but unfortunately finished 5th in their group and missed out on qualifying as one of the final 12 teams.

Basketball National League

This is the top league for basketball in South Africa consisting of 10 teams across the country. There are several other leagues based in different cities in South Africa, which provide many games for us to place wagers on and win at online basketball betting.

Basketball Betting In South Africa

When you decide to start betting on basketball online, you will need to investigate all the available sports betting sites for bettors in South Africa.

There are a few parameters that we recommend your sportsbook adheres to, which are:

  • Quick and easy deposits and withdrawals.
  • Outstanding welcome bonus offers, free bets, and ongoing promos
  • Certification from a local gambling authority.
  • A large variety of markets for each sport.
  • Offers the best odds compared to others on the market.

Your new sportsbook should have all the above so that you feel safe when depositing your hard-earned money into the account, along with the opportunity of winning a few extra Rand with the greater odds offered by them.

If you need help searching for a top bookmaker, we have compiled a detailed list of the best betting site reviews in South Africa.

Basketball Betting Markets

Online Basketball Betting SASportsbooks offer a whopping 100+ markets for basketball games nowadays. We have selected a few markets which are the most popular and ones where you can find some great value bets.

  • Match Winner – basketball games tend to include a heavy favourite and an underdog. The odds for the favoured team are usually very short and not worthwhile placing a bet on. If you believe the underdog could win their upcoming game, the odds for this to happen will be much more favourable and can offer much larger payouts.
  • Point Spread – as with most sports, your sportsbook will offer a point spread for both teams competing. The favourite will have a negative figure – for example, -5.5. Here the team would have to win by 6 points or more for your bet to win. The underdog would have a +5.5 point spread and they could lose the game by 5 points or fewer (and actually win it outright) for us to win.
  • Total Points – this market is favoured by most and it is a simple over/under one. The sportsbooks set a points total and you bet on whether it will go above or below that number. We can also bet on a specific team's total too.
  • Player Props – these are by far the most valuable bets for basketball. They involve betting on a particular player's performance during a game. Will they record over/under a set number of points, rebounds, assists and many more?

If you would like to find out more information about the above markets (plus a whole array of others), we have an article dedicated to the different betting types available in basketball betting.

Tips To Win Online Basketball Betting

Everyone wants to know how to bet on basketball and win, so we have provided you with a few tips below to help you turn your wagers into winners.

  1. Research – the number one way to consistently win at basketball betting is to carry out thorough research instead of just blindly choosing a bet. Look into recent statistics and trends for each team in their upcoming match-up. This is especially effective when you find a team that performs extremely well against the spread and are playing a team that is terrible against the spread.
  2. Current Form – evaluate how well each team has been performing recently and whether they are on a current win / losing streak and how well they have been scoring points. Also, check each individual player's form as this can highlight whether they are confident and hitting a high field goal percentage. This will mean they are likely to score a few points in their next game.
  3. Injury List – keeping up to date with current injuries is important because a star player may be out of the game or their minutes on the court will be less if they are returning from a previous injury.

Delving deeper into the above will help you to determine the outcome of the upcoming game. Make sure you are confident in your pick, there is no need to place wagers just for the sake of it.

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