Current State Of Online Casinos In South Africa

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by Joanna Bruce
| 29/10/2020
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State Of Online Casinos In South Africa

The African continent has gradually grown and transformed over the decades and the states here are constantly up-to-date with the freshest global trends in all fields and areas. While things may continue to stagnate in some countries, South Africa is one fine example of the fact that progress is possible and very palpable here. Lots of different industries have discovered the magnetic appeal of the country for their own line of work. The gaming industry is perhaps one of the most relevant examples we could offer here. The government here has kept its strict regulations concerning the gambling regulations here and it continues to enjoy the support of the National Gambling Board in this regard. Online gambling continues to be banned for casino operators in the country that are offering their services to residents in South Africa. However, the current scenario of real money online casinos in South Africa appears to be more flourishing than ever. Let us dive a little deeper into the topic.

Online Casinos In South Africa Right Now

If you would ask a few South African residents whether casino gambling is legal in the country at the moment, some would say it is, while others would claim the activity is outlawed. Thus, the confusion that may arise to a passionate player who is looking for some reputable casinos to join and wager real money in. We believe it would be safe to say that the current status of online gambling in SA is that of being a grey area.

According to the National Gambling Act released in 1996, the National Gambling Board the basis is responsible for regulating the gambling market in the country. The main purpose of the creation of the Board was to properly regulate all types of brick-and-mortar operators of casinos while bringing significant improvements to the gambling laws in SA. Unfortunately, players in the country did not manage to make use of most of these expected benefits. According to the 2004 National Gambling Act, online casinos in the country were placed outside the law. This eventually convinced players here to start looking for international alternatives to the now prohibited domestic casinos online.

Passionate virtual casino players, whether high rollers or newbies looking to quench their thirst for gambling online started joining South Africa-friendly casinos in other countries around the world. Things went well until 2010 when the High Court issues a new clarification mentioning the fact offshore casino websites that were providing virtual gaming services to players in the country were no longer legally allowed to do it. In other words, wagering real money using an IP for South Africa was also outlawed.

Alternatives Used By Online Gamblers in South Africa

While the South African authorities tried their best to make players in the country give up their habits of wagering online, their efforts were almost to no avail. Lots of casino operators and financial institutions usually involved in the banking operations of these virtual casinos were subjected to threats from the country's government. Nonetheless, these have not stopped a number of dedicated and reliable casinos online to continue to provide their services and games to their loyal clientele that they had managed to build over the years.

This means players can still come across a number of top casinos that provide their favourite online slots and games and offer amazing bonuses to interested players in South Africa, without having to worry about dealing with any type of legal consequences. The country's anti-gambling laws are mainly targeted at casino operators and banks associated with them, and not gamblers per se. This means no South African casino gamer has yet been accused of and prosecuted for having gambled online using an international casino online.

People in South Africa seem to have understood this as millions of them continue to express and manifest their love for playing their favourite casino games online. With plenty of solid and 100% safe online casino alternatives that can be accessed to the detriment of domestic casinos, lots of players are satisfied with the international casino online services that are dedicated to catering to their needs.

With top casinos that provide rich and highly versatile selections of games consists of thousands of titles at a time and the most lucrative no deposit bonuses, sign-up promotions, free spins, match bonus, cashback or VIP promotions that reward players' efforts and time spent online, players in SA have many reasons to celebrate. To further improve and simplify their experiences online, most of these casinos also display ZAR or African Rand banking solutions in terms of accepted currencies for making deposits and withdrawals. Plus, customer support is made available in Afrikaans as well as English so there are no misinterpretation problems and communication issues that might prevent players from claiming a bonus or withdrawing a bonus win after following the wagering conditions.

We can expect even more players to discover the many wonderful benefits and advantages of joining an offshore casino that is licensed, authorized, and fair, until the South African government authorities may decide to rule for the legalisation of online gambling in the country. Since players themselves do not have anything to lose by accessing these casinos, they can take full advantage of the remarkable bonus offers, lots of them exclusive to players in South Africa, as well as the custom games, customer support, and VIP rewards tailored to cater to their exact needs.

Online casinos for players in SA are either available in their in-browser version or for mobile users, for a variety of operating systems and devices on the go. Be sure to take a look at our top recommended casinos and start making the most of your gambling experience online.

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