Online Keno For Real Money In South Africa

by Joanna Bruce
| 28/11/2021

As leading experts in the industry, we have compiled a helpful guide to playing Keno online. We have also searched for, tested, and reviewed the best keno casinos for players in South Africa. If you want to know how to play online keno with a no deposit bonus, learn the basic online keno rules, or find out how to play online keno, read on.

What Is Keno?

Online keno is a simple, engaging, no-frills lottery-style game that can be played at the best online casinos in South Africa. The game follows the same rules used for playing bingo. Players must bet on a number within a given range, usually 1-80 and wait to see if at least one of their selected numbers is to be drawn out of the 20 randomly selected.

Best Keno Casinos - February 2023


The Popularity Of Online Keno Games In South Africa

Keno is an extremely popular online casino game in SA for a number of reasons, ranging from the easy accessibility at top keno casinos online in SA, to the fact that there are no complicated rules to follow, and the wins are instantaneous. The payouts can be quite generous, adding even more excitement to an already popular game in the country.

Keno Online Casino GamesRules For Online Keno Game

For those of you who have never played keno online before, read on. Here are the main rules to follow if you want to play online keno for free or for real money:

  • Select your favourite keno online game to play at a top online casino in SA. Keno games are usually found in the dedicated Keno section in the lobby. They may also show up under a distinct category called “Specialty Games”, “Other Games”, or “Scratchcard Games”.
  • Click on “Start” or “Play”, wait for a fresh keno card to pop on the screen, and select between 1 and 20 different numbers on the card.
  • Manually mark your preferred or lucky numbers or leave them into the hands of providence and click on the “Quick Pick” button. This way, the game will automatically and randomly choose your numbers for you, making the game even easier to play.
  • Take a look at the paytable and decide the amount you would like to bet prior to the numbers being randomly drawn.
  • Wait for all 20 numbers to be drawn and see if you have won. In order to win, you will have to guess which numbers will be selected. The more numbers you guess, the more you will win.
  • To keep playing, you will be given the choice to use the same marked numbers on your card or start with a fresh card.

Keno Bonuses At Online Casinos In South Africa

Take a look at our list of recommended keno casinos online for players in South Africa. We have searched for and negotiated the best online keno no deposit bonus deals for you. Redeem your no deposit bonuses and start playing for free, with zero risks, for a chance to win real money. Take advantage of online casinos welcome bonuses and regular player promotions to try the best keno casinos you can find on our platform.

Pros and Cons of Playing Keno

Keno online comes with numerous pros worth considering, and only a limited number of cons:

Pros Of Playing Keno Online


With almost no rules to follow, resembling the game of the lottery and relying on pure luck, keno is easy to play by the most inexperienced of players.

You can play anytime, anywhere.

While there aren't many keno lotteries to play on a weekly basis in the country, keno aficionados can take their pick from a long list of top online casinos for real money that offers the game. Keno online can be played 24/7 in a relaxed gambling environment, whether for real money payouts or just for fun, in demo mode.

You can play keno online by yourself.

There is no need to interact with others to play the game. Similar to video poker and slots, keno online for real money can be played by gamers by themselves. There is no need to compete with other players or worry about beating the house to win. This is one of the reasons why this game has experienced an impressive jump in popularity in recent years.

The game can be played on a smartphone.

The advent of mobile technologies further contributes to the popularity of the game in SA. Players can take their gaming on the go 24/7 on their smartphones and tablets. They can engage in fun and potentially rewarding gaming sessions while on vacation, commuting home from work, or when looking for a pleasant activity to do on the weekends.

Anyone can win.

The game does not require any special skills. Keno online relies on luck and completely random results. Players do not need to worry about learning any difficult rules or complex strategies. There is also no need to practice for a long time to become better than other players.

Keno online gives players that “big shot” to win a generous payoff.

For a very small stake, players could win a generous payout. There is no need to build an incremental bankroll to win a lot of money. Just like playing the lottery, you could win a whopping jackpot in the blink of an eye, while taking a small risk.

Cons of Playing Keno Online

You cannot use any special strategies or tricks to win more often.

The game solely relies on pure luck and randomly generated numbers you will need to guess. For players used to strategic casino games of poker or blackjack, this might be frustrating.

Free Play Keno VS Real Money Keno Online

Bet for free on keno online prior to playing real money bets for the first time. This will allow you to test the free version of a game you have never played before and familiarize yourself with the basic rules and types of payouts, minus the risks associated with making a real money wager.

Free play keno will allow you to simply relax and enjoy a fun game for a while. On the other hand, playing real money keno online is the only way to win a keno payout. This means winning a free keno game in demo mode will not give you the chance to cash out any winnings.

There is also the alternative of playing keno for free using a no deposit bonus or bonus money from a generous casino welcome bonus when joining a top keno casino online. These bonuses usually enable players to keep and cash out some or all of their potential keno winnings obtained with the bonus money.

Eager to buy a keno card and start choosing your lucky numbers for a chance to win big? Take a look at our top keno online casino offers for players in South Africa, redeem your welcome or no deposit keno bonus to get started.

Online Keno FAQs

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What are the casino odds when playing keno online?

Keno casino odds depend on the selected casino and keno game you would like to play. Usually, you will come across 10-number and 20-number keno games at top online casinos for real money in SA. The fewer numbers a player chooses, the greater the chances of winning. The house edge for a keno game ranges from 4% or less up to 35%. Compare different house edges at different keno casinos before you choose which venue to join.

How much can you expect to win in a game of online keno?

The payouts depend on how many numbers the players decided to play for a single draw, as well as the maximum payout offered by the casino. Usually, the maximum payout is set at around R250,000.

Which are the best keno numbers to play online?

All keno balls get drawn from the keno machine with the help of a random number generator or RNG. This means there is no way of telling which numbers will be drawn next. Some players opt for dates of birth and other dates and numbers bearing a certain significance to them. Others rely on the ‘quick pick’ option and have their keno cards filled with random numbers. You can consult the game history and find out what numbers have been drawn during previous games.

Can I play keno games on my mobile device?

Yes. Most casino software providers rely on the advanced HTML5 technology that offers top-notch mobile gaming experiences similar to desktop gaming. Mobile devices running on Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and other operating systems can be used to download free keno apps or software. However, you may not always be able to win real money using mobile keno apps. If you are interested in real money keno play, access an instant game of keno straight from your browser at your favourite casino online.
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