Beginners Guide For Soccer Betting Online

by George Abebe
| 28/10/2020

Guide Online Soccer Betting South Africa

The African betting market is one of the most lucrative in the world that's worth $37 bn (2018). With a friendly business environment presented in many countries like South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya, it's not surprising to know that the market is constantly growing. Of the many sports available for betting, soccer remains as the crowd favourite among African punters and fans. Association football or soccer is played in almost all parts of the continent, and South Africa became the first African country to host the FIFA World Cup.

This popularity of the sport extends to the sports betting business. There are now dozens of online soccer betting sites that accept South African punters and cover the most exciting tournaments in different parts of the world. In these sportsbooks, you can follow the results and bet on the outcomes in La Liga, Premier League, and the Bundesliga. Betting on soccer is both fun and lucrative but it always comes with risks. Use this soccer betting guide for beginners before you bet on soccer online.

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Soccer Betting Terms - A Quick Guide

Your success in sports betting depends on how you understand sports and how the industry works. Although the main objective in betting requires predicting the outcome of matches, there are different ways on how to do it. Also, each sport operates in unique ways with different terms and lingo in play. Before you place your soccer bets online, make sure you start with an appreciation of the popular terms used in the business.

  • Stake - This is the amount of money you use to place your bet.
  • Bankroll - The amount of money you're willing to use and play when betting on outcomes.
  • Sportsbook or bookmaker - It's the website that's licensed to publish soccer odds and accept money bets from punters.
  • Dividend- It's your return or payout from your winning bet.
  • Even Money- This is a type of bet where no side has a clear advantage; the bet is 50-50.
  • Favourite - The side or player that's expected to win the match.
  • Outright - Also known as the future, this involves betting on the eventual winner or champion of the league.
  • Draw no bet - This is a type of soccer bet where a draw returns your stake.
  • Total goals, over/under - A specific type of bet where you bet whether the actual number of goals will fall over or under a specific number.

Singles and Accumulators- What Types of Soccer Bets You Should Play

When betting on sports online, you will notice different types of bets to play. When betting on soccer these bets can be categorized into two popular options- singles and accumulators.

If you're a beginning punter and still learning the ropes in betting on soccer, then it's best to keep it simple. In soccer betting online, this requires focusing on a single market or selection. In short, you are only focused on the result of just one soccer match. For example, there's a soccer match between Liverpool and Arsenal for the league's opener. The sportsbook will publish odds for both the Liverpool and Arsenal with computed payouts in case you're correct. In a Singles Bet, you are simply putting your money on either the Liverpool or Arsenal to win the match or if a draw, if available. If you're correct with your prediction, then you collect a payout based on the published odds.

Another way to bet soccer online is to combine multiple bets. They are called accumulators or parlays where you introduce at least four selections into a single bet. All of your selections must come in for your bet to win. Compared to the singe soccer bet, the accumulator offers higher odds since they come with greater risk. The betting odds are bundled together to come up with an improved value for the bettor. However, this bet on soccer online delivers an increased risk for the player. If one of the selections loses, you lose the bet. This type of soccer online bet is recommended for the punters with a bigger appetite for risk. Also, this will work for the player who understands the game and read statistics and previous match results.

Common Soccer Betting Types You Can Play

The South African sports betting market offers you different types of bets. Before you place your bet in your preferred online sportsbook, make sure you review these popular soccer bets online and follow a few tips.

  • Single or straight bet. As discussed, this is the easiest bet to play where you put your money on a single event.
  • Accumulators. Here, you combine at least four selections in one bet. This offers higher rewards to punters but comes with bigger risks.
  • Correct score. In world soccer betting, the correct score bet challenges you to predict the actual score or number of goals both teams can collect at the end of the match.
  • Over/Under. The sportsbook will identify a set number of goals that the team can produce in a given match. Your job as the punter is to bet whether the actual score will go over or under this number.
  • Draw no bet. This bet on soccer games online works on matches with a probability of a draw. In case of a draw, the operator will return your bet.

Are You Ready To Bet On Soccer For Real Money?

A typical soccer match is played between two teams with 11 players each in 90 minutes. There's a lot of things that can happen within the one hour and 30-minute period which provides punters with exciting opportunities to bet online. Before you bet in real money, check out our complete soccer bet guide. 

On this website, you will find tips and guide to soccer betting including the different types of bets. We also review the best sportsbooks for South African punters. Just pick a site from our list and start betting on soccer like a pro!

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